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CL5 Handheld Thickness Gauge

The CL5 is used for precise thickness measurements of metal, steel and plastic components whose complex geometry often makes them difficult to inspect with conventional gauges. It’s is able to display the ultrasonic response in real-time by using the optional live A-scan to properly align the transducer and verify the accuracy of the test as components become more complex in shape. The user-friendly design of the CL5 provides intuitive operation, with easy to understand on-screen prompts, with no need for dedicated keys.

Key Benefits

  • Data management provided through an optional programmable data recorder, using a standard SD card
  • Enhanced measurement performance resulting in highly stable and repeatable readings
  • Snapshot A-Scan on all models for probe alignment and data control
  • Rugged housing, environmentally sealed to be used almost everywhere
  • Flexible power supply with 3 standard “AA” batteries or one-Lithium-Poly battery pack (rechargeable in the instrument)
  • Operating temperature range from -10°C up to 60°C
  • Hollow / Filled thickness digits indicating coupling status
  • Visual LED alarm for High and Low limit
  • Customer parameter set ups for special configurations and quick instrument configuration
  • Multi-language user interface

Other Benefits

  • Automatic control of ultrasonic parameters (gain and gate controls)
  • Six different measurement and display modes for application specific operation
  • Wide variety of contact and delay line probes
  • Optional Live A-Scan and Programmable Data Recorder with SD memory card
  • Optional velocity mode for sound velocity determination
  • The instrument can be held in one hand or placed on flat workpieces, making the CL5 a compact way to test your material for the required thickness or checking for sheet corrosion.


The CL5 is an easy-to-use precision thickness measuring solution for components used in the automotive and aerospace industries, such as:

  • Cast and stamped metal components made of aluminum, steel, copper, bronze
  • Machined workpieces
  • Chemically milled components
  • Metal strips, metal plates
  • Plastics and composites
  • Glass

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