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ISS modules

The modules are designed to store: explosives, pyrotechnic mixtures, sensitive substances in an amount not exceeding 2.5 kg TNT equivalent for a single nest.

ISS storage modules can be used both by the military and the police, as well as by civilian entities, e.g. laboratories, aviation and automotive industry, and mining. The design of the modules prevents the triggering of detonation of the stored explosives due to an explosion taking place in an adjacent storage slot, which enables the simultaneous storage of various hazardous materials in adjacent slots in a manner that is safe for the user. The modular structure enables the creation of various types of warehouse configurations according to individual needs.

A single module consists of two steel tubes welded one above the other into a steel frame. The ends of the tubes are ended with steel walls, and the inlets are opened with covers with gaskets. The covers are opened with a lever secured with a pin on the chain. The whole is protected against corrosion by a zinc coating. Inside each tube there are two permanently fixed shelves for storing hazardous materials. The entire structure has an earthing installation.