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Decontamination shower EDK-04/A

The decontamination shower is designed for decontamination of persons, whether it is in protective suits or directly for decontamination or cleansing of the body. The advantage is that it can be commissioned in a few minutes, and it is easy to store and transfer to the place of destination.

  • The shower consists of an inflatable construction, pendent shower cabin and a decontamination nozzle distribution with a hand shower and a brush.
  • decontamination system with five fixed nozzles, one hand shower on the flexible hose and a hand brush is located on the side walls of the cabin
  • The hand shower and brush can also be operated from the outside by using the integrated gloves
  • the waste solution is continuously sucked out by a specially designed suction basket
  • quick positioning of the decontamination shower by a compressor

Technical parameters:
Dimensions: 2 x 2 x 2,45 m (l x w x h)
Dimensions in packed state:  1,1 x 08 x 0,35 m (l x w x h)
Weight:    40 kg
Inflation time by compressor:     40 sec

Basic accessories:
•    Decontbox, water distribution
•    compressor
•    nonslip mat