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Biobox EBX

Stationary device for long-term hospitalization and isolation Biobox EBX

The Biobox is an isolation chamber designed for safe isolation of persons infected with highly contagious disease or persons affected by biological agents and microorganisms. The device is used to protect the outer environment and persons from infected or contaminated patients or things placed inside the chamber. The isolation chamber allows care for the patient in order to prevent contamination of the devices and infecting the staff. Monitoring devices, infusion stands, patient ventilation devices, etc. can be placed outside the chamber and are brought through the chamber wall by special hermetic inlets.
Filter-ventilation unit is connected to the wall of the isolation chamber and ensures the best available biological protection.
The filter-ventilation unit removes the contaminated air by suction from inside the isolation chamber; it conducts filtered, clean air away of the isolation chamber through HEPA filters.
This creates conditions for the stay of infected persons and the movement of nursing staff without the need to use individual means of protection.
The Biobox provides BSL-3 standard level of protection.
The Biobox is designed for use inside buildings and structures as the internal isolation chamber, or for use inside air-conditioned and heated tents. The maintenance-free tube construction makes it possible to keep the Biobox in a serviceable condition for a long time.

Technical parameters*:
External assembly dimensions: 4,84 x 2,1 x 2,2 m (l x w x h)
Weight of assembly: 70 kg
*… technical parameters are indicative. The construction of the Biobox is always designed for the given building layout.
Necessary accessories:

  • filter-ventilation unit including filters

Optional accessories:

  • Decontbox, water distribution