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The mobile data center

The mobile data center – a container that protects against electronic eavesdropping developed together with API Smart. It ensures security for all companies and institutions dealing with data that needs to be protected against loss, takeover, replacement or destruction.

The container together with the vehicle allows constructing server,  control and management infrastructure in stationary, crisis and landfill conditions. This is a complete transportable solution that allows reaching stationary databases and data warehouses, archiving key resources and transporting them to a safe place.

By protecting sensitive data we protect:

  • you: personal data, profiles, data and account statements
  • your company: action plans, strategic plans, personnel structures, licenses, contracts, key technologies and projects, production methods, patents, recipes
  • as well as
    • action and crisis management plans
    • strategic plans, information on quantity and deployment of resources
    • credit, financial and investment commitment databases