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WANDA anti-fragmentation container

Wanda anti-fragmentation, ventilated container is designed for the safe transport of medium-sized unexploded ordnance and misfires. The container can be used at airports, ferry terminals and in sorting facilities for the rapid isolation of suspicious packages, letters or luggage that may contain explosives. In the event of detonation, the container protects human life and health from fragments of the explosive material weighing up to 3.5 kg of TNT or a 122 mm caliber projectile.

The container is equipped with a loading window, opened and closed manually with an arm located in the upper part of the container (optional, according to the customer’s needs, automatic opening of the lid is possible). Inside there is a roller conveyor, on which there is a loading box for transporting isolated packages or misfires or unexploded bombs and placing them inside the container.


  • Resistance up to 3.5 kg of explosive charge in TNT equivalent.
  • Can be mounted on a trailer or vehicle.
  • Loading window closed manually, with the possibility of automatic closing.
  • Easy access to the cargo box.
  • Maximum load dimensions (LxWxH) 700 x 400 x 270 mm.

Note: The Wanda container cannot be used for transporting shaped and thermobaric charges.