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AGA container

AGA gas-tight container is designed to isolate suspicious letters, parcels and other items at airports, terminals, sorting centers, etc. AGA protects the environment against shock waves and fragments in the event of an explosion of a charge with an equivalent of up to 500g TNT. The container is equipped with a system of valves and devices for monitoring the pressure inside the container and for taking samples of sub-detonation gases.

The container can be installed on a trailer as well as a transport platform enabling easy container maneuvering.


  • Possibility of cooperation with a sapper robot.
  • The hermetic design guarantees at least 24-hour tightness.
  • The pressure gauge allows you to control the internal pressure.
  • Seals resistant to high temperatures inside the container.
Max. charge mass in TNT equivalent500 g
Maximum dimensions of the transported object, width / height / length:400x250x500 mm