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XR150 20V

The XR150 X-ray generator is a 150kV, battery powered, pulsed X-ray generator used primarily for security applications.  Golden Engineering introduced the XR150 in 1993 for applications requiring extreme portability.    The latest XR150 generators are power by DeWalt® Li-Ion battery technology.    The XR150 20V version has the best performance and size combination in the industry.


  • Weighs 6 pounds
  • 20V Battery
  • 80 Character LCD Display
  • Easily Accessible Lemo Connector
  • External Tripod Mount
  • Picatinny Rails
  • Single pulse input replaces 3 pulse per count input


  • 2 mR output dose per pulse
  • 0.75″ steel penetration
  • 9000 pulses per battery charge

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