Protective biological and chemical suit EBO-10/M

The one-piece gas-tight protective suit made of highly resistant butyl rubber material with a supply of filtered air allows the user to enter an environment where there is a risk of highly dangerous substances of biological origin. Part of the suit is a filter-ventilation unit, which actively supplies fresh filtered air inside the suit – positive pressure mode. The body of the filter-ventilation unit is located inside the suit, only screwed-on filters are in contact with the external environment.

The set includes:

  • EBO  protective suit from butyl rubber material
  • Filter-ventilation unit with filters
  • gloves
  • boots
  • transport bag


  • highly durable butyl rubber material
  • user protection is ensured by internal positive pressure mode
  • filter-ventilation unit supplies a sufficient amount of filtered air (160dm3 / min)
  • The battery guarantees a min. operating time of 4 hours
  • The quality of the filtered air is ensured by appropriate filters located outside the suit
  • Large-area visor
  • Special hermetic zipper
  • All seams are resealed with an elastomer mixture