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EOK-10 Protective hood against biological agents

The positive-pressure protective hood with a supply of filtered air protects the head of the user who enters the environment with biological agents. An integral part of the hood is a filter-ventilation unit, the operation of which creates a positive pressure mode inside the hood. It ensures a high degree of protection and comfort for the user. The filter-ventilation unit is located on the user’s belt.


  • Highly durable butyl rubber material
  • Positive pressure mode providing protection for the user
  • Filter-ventilation unit does supply a sufficient amount of filtered air (160 dm3/min)
  • the battery guarantees min. operating time 4 hours
  • the quality of the filtered air is ensured by class P3 filters
  • loading of the internal positive pressure mode is provided by pressure relief valve
  • large-area visor
  • head cross providing a high degree of comfort
  • tightness of the product is ensured by seams

Necessary accessories: filter-ventilation unit including filters