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IRIS vehicle with a gas-tight EVA container

IRIS type vehicle is designed to isolate and transport suspicious items that may contain explosives, such as terrorist charges, dirty bombs, improvised explosives. Innovative solution enables fast and reliable operations in urban areas. The container is designed to protect the environment from all effects of the explosion – shock wave, debris, fire and toxic gases.

The device can be used to transport explosives and other dangerous materials with a force of up to 5 kg in TNT equivalent or a fragmentation artillery projectile with a caliber of up to 100 mm. The construction of the container allows for the taking of samples of sub-detonation gases, ensuring the tightness of the structure.

The container can be mounted on any type of vehicle / chassis depending on the customer’s preferences (e.g. Mercedes, Man, Iveco, Tatra). There is possibility to cooperate with local suppliers and chassis services.

The system controlling the operation of the container can work in three modes:

  • Radio mode – distance up to 100 m – radio control panel.
  • Wired mode (distance up to 50 m) – wired control panel.
  • Emergency mode – enabling manual opening / closing of the container.

IRIS allows for the transport of all specialized instruments and tools required for sapper operations units, such as X-ray machine, EOD protective suit, robot, hooks, rope sets, additional equipment.