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Mobile storage for weapons and ammunition PERUN

PERUN warehouse is used for safe storage of weapons and ammunition, in field and stationary conditions. It can also act as a storage facility for training resources (combat and training ammunition and battlefield simulation). Its design provides ballistic resistance in the “B6” category. Thanks to the container structure, PERUN ensures easy loading and unloading onto means of transport.

The warehouse is made of special quality armor plates with thermal insulation. Inside, there is a floor made of waterproof and non-slip plywood, which ensures a secure, stable load placement and the movement of the staff. Access to the interior of the warehouse is provided by the use of one or two pairs of doors, in accordance with the needs of customers:

The warehouse can have various dimensions and, at the customer’s request, it can be equipped with the following elements:

  • alarm system;
  • air conditioning;
  • storage shelves;
  • gun cleaning station;
  • weapon reloading station.