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Wilson BH3000

The Wilson BH3000 is a durable, 30 kN (3000 kgf) Brinell hardness tester that is ideal for wide range of Brinell loads from 62.5 kgf – 3000 kgf. Designed with rugged construction to withstand harsh environments, the reliable BH3000 Brinell hardness testing machine combines high rigidity and closed-loop load cell technology to ensure accurate and safe load applications. Key features of the BH3000 Brinell hardness tester include a clamping device for securing parts to the exchangeable anvil, an easy-to-use user interface to set up and operate the tester, a built-in keypad calculator that accurately presents HB hardness values, and an LCD screen.

This hardness tester has a wide Brinell scale load range of 612N – 29.42 KN (62.5 kgf – 3000 kgf.) The LCD screen displays statistics per test series, results, and language settings. The display also features an integrated hardness calculator, Brinell hardness diagonals, value, statistics, and conversions.

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