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Ultimate mobile metals analysis when you’re trying to prevent grade mix-ups of incoming and outgoing materials, conduct material verification and quality control or maximize profits in a scrapyard.

Why choose the PMI-MASTER Pro2?

  • Reliable C analysis: accurate carbon analysis from L grade stainless steels to low alloy and carbon steels.
  • Ready to go: short warm-up time means you’re up and running in no time.
  • Low argon consumption: concentric electrode shielding argon flow technology reduces air gaps and optimizes gas flow.
  • Universal adaptors: rubber seal for concave and convex surfaces allows analysis of almost any sample.

Technical specifications:

  • Multi-CCD optics in Paschen-Runge mounting and optimised pixel resolution
  • Lead gel battery: SPARK measurements up to 120/759 and ARC measurements to up 80/500 (using standard parameters)
  • Computer system: Internal computer unit and touch screen user interface

Typical applications

  • Steel alloys
  • L grade segregation in stainless steel
  • N*, C, P*, S*, Sn*, As*, B* analysis in steel
  • Al alloys ~ Al-Si ~ Al-Si-Cu
  • Cu-Sn ~ Cu-Zn
  • Cu, Ni, Zn, Co, Mg, Pb, Sn and Ti alloys

*With UVTouch probe