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Magnetizing equipment

MR® 50 Hand yoke 230 V

MR® 56 Hand yoke 230 V

• Innovative switch sealing
• Stout and impact proof housing
• Very good quality-price ratio
• No power loss because of the optimized fitting of the poles
• Poles and Switch protected against penetration of test media
• Low maintenance
• Powerful
Big range of accessories

Products info mr-50-mr-56.pdf

MR® 902 Crack detection unit, mobile

For magnetic particle testing according to EN ISO 9934 part 1

Measurement equipment

Reference block type 1 acc. to EN ISO 9934-2 with certificate (also known as MTU no. 3) – for quality comparison of different magnetic particle Solutions
– for quality control during the process of magnetic particle testing, also to check the correct dosing in automatic testing machines

Reference block type 2 acc. to EN ISO 9934-2 with certificate

Reference block type 2 is a self contained unit requiring no external magnetic field

Test body acc. to Prof. Berthold
For the efficient control of Magnetization, penetration depth, Quality fluorescent suspension and magnetic field direction in Magnetic Particle Inspection.

Magnetic field indicator acc. to ASTM E-709 (Pie Gauge), with certificate
The magnetic field indicator serves to show the presence and approximate direction of the magnetic field during magnetic particle inspection.

Residual Field Meter Magnetoscope, incl. calibration certificate
A simple handy device to determine residual magnetism in steel parts.
Only for comparison measuring.

Magnetic field strength meter MFM 200 incl. tangential-field probe, reference magnet, case
to measure DC and AC magnetic fields at Magnetic Particle Inspection acc. to EN ISO 9934
• incl. tangential-field probe, calibration standard, case

MR® 454 UVA/Lux Check measuring instrument

It is a dual-purpose instrument for measuring UV-intensity and white light portion during Magnetic Particle Testing

Luxmeter Type LX1330B, digital incl. calibration certificate
Battery indication, 4 measuring ranges selectable, Big LCD-display, Hold-function, Self calibration
• incl. calibration certificate