Structurix G 128 Developer

  • Excellent stability during storage as concentrate
  • Robust performance in high temperature and high humidity conditions
  • Resistance to oxidation in normal use
  • Excellent speed
  • Exceptional contrast characteristics

Structurix G 328 Fixer

  • 600 ml/m2 is the average rate or 90 ml/film of 35 x 43 cm
  • Keep the solution level constant and replace after 1.5 m2 film per litre original solution has been fixed


Structurix ecoDEV

  • two-part developer suitable for standard processing in the 8 minute cycle but specifically designed for super fast 5 minute processing.
  • glutaraldehyde-free and boron-free, reducing its impact on the environment.
  • enables you to develop your films at a lower temperature in the standard 8 minute processing cycle, resulting in less evaporation of the chemicals.

Structurix ecoSTART

  • new one-part starter solution to be added to ecoDEV ready-for-use solution.
  • Whenever you replace the ecoDEV developer, we recommend use of ecoSTART starter solution to ensure film images with optimal sensitometric results right from the start.

Structurix ecoFIX

  • new two-part fixer for universal use but specially designed for super fast processing, with the lowest possible replenishment rates while rendering improved archiving results.
  • boron-free.
  • can be used for manual processing. For manual usage, one set of concentrate is enough to prepare 25 litres of ready-for-use solution.

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