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ALAMAK detonation chamber

ALAMAK gas-tight detonation chamber is designed for the safe removal of explosives, testing of explosives, removal of ammunition elements, as well as other hazardous materials up to 0.5 kg in the TNT equivalent. The ALAMAK structure enables testing of new explosives with the use of measuring equipment.

The detonation chamber can cooperate with the pollution reduction system (SOGP). After passing through the treatment system, the sub-detonation gases meet all environmental standards. Their composition can also be analyzed during this process as part of a research and development program.

Main elements of the ALAMAK detonation chamber:

  • main body lockable on both sides,
  • a work table for fixing the objects to be tested,
  • hydraulically operated opening/closing and locking/unlocking system of the main body,
  • supporting frame,
  • hydraulic power unit for drive systems and feeding control, mounted on the frame of the chamber,
  • additional terminals for connecting measuring devices, connection to the pollution reduction system (SOGP).