Vaizdai ir analizė

Microscopes for material analysis must use reflected light. Whether upright or inverted, either can be paired with image capture and analysis systems, including cameras and analysis software. Common applications like grain size, porosity and phase percentage have now been incorporated into ready made routines.

All Stereo Microscopes are ideal for inspection use with a wide range of stands and illumination possibilities.


Nikon SMZ800    
FibrFlex Fiberoptic Illuminator    
Nikon SMZ18

Select from entry level general purpose, compact durable with high NA optics or innovative ergonomic with high NA optics based on your application needs.

Nikon MA200

Nikon MA100 


Choose from reflected or transmitted light options or reduced electrostatic discharge units based on specific need. Variety of stages, illuminators, nosepieces and camera adapters available or epi-illumination modules(based on model).


Nikon Eclipse LV100ND
Nikon Eclipse LV15
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