The well-established and proven ultrasonic flaw detector USM Go is available with joystick operation or as the new USM Go+ with arrow-key operation. The USM Go and the new USM Go+ are both extremely portable and robust ultrasonic flaw detectors. Both units have a small protected hand-held housing with the biggest A-Scan display in its class and features which are essential for inspections based on common codes and standards.

The USM Go is the first choice when top UT performance, combined with ultra-portability and one-hand joystick operation is required and furthermore has the option to upgrade to a thickness gauge.

The new USM Go + is the youngest member of the USM Go family equipped with an arrow-keypad and the latest industrial electronics. The state-of-the-art technology contributes to the improved UT performance of the new USM Go + .One prime example is the outstanding Near Surface Resolution which allows a reliable detection of defects located just below the surface of the test piece.

Apart from the different operational devices the joystick or the arrow-keypad, the operation and the menus of both instruments are the same. The accessories are inter-changeable with both instruments. And even the stored instrument settings of the USM Go can be used with the new USM Go + and vice versa which will ease any ultrasonic inspector’s work but will ensure that proven settings can continue to be used with new equipment and even shared with other USM Go / USM Go+ inspectors.

  • 850 g total weight incl. batteries – small size and weight, which allow the instrument to be easily operated in confined spaces and areas of difficult access.
  • Light enough to be carried throughout a whole day’s shift
  • Battery provides up to 5,5 hours operation. Can be recharged on- or off-board.
  • A display screen which is the same size as those in other GE flaw detectors, even though the instrument is much smaller than other instruments in the range.
  • An 800×480 pixel display, which is better resolution than a standard DVD.
  • A screen with an optimized aspect ratio to ensure highly defined echo separation.
  • A screen which can be easily viewed, whether hand-held or desk-mounted.
  • A screen which has been ergonomically sized to help reduce eyestrain.
  • Can be operated with one hand, leaving other hand free for other tasks, such as maintaining probe in optimum position or holding onto ladders.
  • Features incorporated pressure-sensitive, navigation joystick control derived from the range of remote visual inspection equipment offered by GE.
  • All controls within fingertip reach. User can dedicate four function keys according to preference.
  • A “Flip” function allows the instrument to be used equally well by left-handed and right-handed people.
  • A detachable stand allows the user to optimize the viewing angle, when the instrument is desk- or bench-mounted. The attachment point is suitable for a standard tripod thread.
  • A-Scan recording as video on SD-Card.
  • trueDGS® Defect Sizing with highest available accuracy.
  • Back wall Echo Attenuation helps to detect extreme small defects.
  • IP67 Protection.
  • USM Go is extendable to DMS Go Thickness Gage instrument.
  • The instrument is standard delivered with a 2 GB SD memory card (can accomodate up to 16GB card size).
  • Reports are produced in jpeg or bmp format so there is no need for special reading software.
  • A simple on-board data logger to collect and save thickness measurements.

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