SonoDur3: The original stands out with its technology and innovation

NewSonic once again proves its high competence in development of test devices and systems in UCI (Ultrasonic Contact Impedance) hardness testing technology.

The SonoDur3 is exemplary in terms of a good overview and uncomplicated handling, just as its predecessor SonoDur2 was. Nevertheless, it shows ground-breaking improvements as compared to the predecessor model.

Operation and result evaluations:

    • A protection function (software lock) permits free carrying and measurement without accidental tripping of a function when touching the touch screen.
    • The virtual keyboard is larger and more comfortable to use than it used to be.
    • Access to the measuring menu and measuring functions is directly available, and even faster as a result.
    • Graphical presentation of the result in a well-structured form, making irregularities due to the material or the test execution evident at once.
    • The result page shows MAX, average, MIN at the top of the screen. Asymmetries are visible at once. They can be marked by simply tapping the suspect value (MAX or MIN) for possible correction. This way, the tedious scrolling through long measured value columns is a thing of the past. The user can reach the goal more quickly.

Measuring Specifications

Measuring principle UCI Method, corresponds to DIN 50159, ASTM A1038
Test indenter Vickers diamond 136°
Test loads
Newton scale (1kgf = 9.81 N)
Motor probes: 1N (0.1 kgf), 3N (0.3kgf) and 8.6 N (0.9 kgf) Handheld Probes: 10N (1 kgf), 30N (3kgf), 49N (5kgf), 98N (10kgf), (Other test loads on request)
Hardness scales and range
(according to relevant standards), in this case table A1 respectively T1, T2 (low alloy steel). Different measuring ranges are valid for other materials. When exceeding the limits the conversion range will be extended. The calculated values are highlighted in red besides the original data in HV.

Conversions are acc. to latest ASTM E140-12bԐ1 (2013) and EN ISO 18265:2014.
Conversions into tensile strength: 98N (10kgf) test load only.

Vickers HV 10 – 1999 (9999)
Brinell HB 76 – 618
Rockwell HRB 41 – 105
Rockwell HRC 20,3 – 68
Rockwell HRE 70 – 108,5
Rockwell HRF 82,6 – 115,1
Rockwell HRA 60,7 – 85,6
Rockwell HRD 40,3 – 76,9 (EN ISO 18265 only)
Rockwell HR45N 19,9 – 75,4
Knoop HK 87 – 920 (ASTM E140 only)
Shore HS 34,2 – 97,3 (nur ASTM E140)
Zugfestigkeit MPa 255 – 2180 (EN ISO 18265 only)
Measurement uncertainty* < 4 % (HV5, HV 10). For other test loads and ranges see table below.
Relative repeatability* < 5 % (HV5, HV 10). For other test loads and ranges see table below.
* exceeds DIN 50159, dependent on test load and range (see table below). Specifications are valid for 5 measurements using Vickers reference blocks and according to test conditions given in standard DIN 50159.