FOUNDRY-MASTER PRO2 (stationary)

The floor standing metal analyser FOUNDRY-MASTER Pro is a high-performing optical emission spectrometer (OES).

Engineered for high performance and reliability, the laboratory FOUNDRY-MASTER Pro, with its innovative optical system and extended wavelength range, assures precise identification and trace analysis of important elements such as Nitrogen in steel and Phosphorus in aluminium.

The FOUNDRY-MASTER Pro offers:
  • Uncompromised analytical performance and reliability for production process control
  • Proven OES-technology
  • Widest wavelength range from 130 nm – 750 nm
  • Extensive result, report and result processing options
  • Minimal and cost-effective maintenanceFOUNDRY-MASTER PRO
  • Precise metal analysis including grade determination
  • Uncompromising analysis
  • High long term stability and reliability
  • Low element detection limitations
  • Reduced operating costs (low argon consumption)
  • User friendly software
  • Maintenance free vacuum technology offering economical use over many years
  • Wavelength range 130 nm – 800 nm covering all elements
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