USN 60

  • Simple operation with fast rotary knob adjustments; gain is always directly accessible with the lefthand rotary knob and lockable.
  • Auto CAL makes calibration fast & easy
  • 65 selectable material velocities at the user’s fingertips.
  • 15 Hz to 6 kHz (spike mode) PRF and 15 Hz to 2 kHz (square mode) PRF (pulse repetition frequency) with AutoLOW and AutoHIGH settings, Manual adjustment, and External trigger (spike mode only).
  • 2 independent gates monitor amplitude and soundpath distance for both flaw detection and thickness measurement applications.
  • 250 KHz to 25 MHz capability with 10 selectable frequency ranges to match probe for optimum performance.
  • RF display mode enhances signal evaluation and bond inspection of dissimilar materials.
  • 4 selectable damping settings (50, 75, 150, 500 ohms) for optimum probe performance.
  • 1 mm to 28 m range (in steel) covers thin to lengthy acoustically clean materials.
  • dB REF key evaluates subsequent echoes gain value and amplitude against the highest echo in Gate A (reference echo) when activated.
  • IF (Interface) Gate Option for automatic start of the display, Gate A, Gate B, and / or DAC / TCG for immersion testing applications.
  • VGA Output Option provides an easy way to connect to a PC monitor or PC projector for viewing by large audiences or training purposes.
  • RF Output Option outputs the raw RF waveform via a standard Lemo connector for further analysis.

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