Circa 40/80/120

The Exertus SELEN CIRCA Projector series has the ability to accommodate 40 Ci, 80 Ci or 100 Ci
(1,48 TBq, 2,96 TBq or 3,70 TBq) of Selenium 75 Sources depending on the type of the model.
Compact Tungsten shielded projector with removable collimator.

Panoramic or Directional mode for Normal or Close Proximity Radiography.

Safety perimeter is significantly decreased

Safety according to ISO3999 is an integral part of the design and includes the following features:

Automatic Source Assembly Locking Mechanism.

The Projector can only be locked and disconnected, once the Source Assembly is secured in a safe position.

Three colour signal indicator system.

Leaflet   Product brochure Circa 40

Leaflet   Product brochure Circa 80

Leaflet   Product brochure Circa 120