Leak detection unit VSP 1TS Suction power (at 100 kPa) approx. 8 m³/h
Leak detection unit VSP 2TS Suction power (at 100 kPa) approx. 10 m³/h
Butt seam-vaccum box Economic length lies between 500 and 700 mm.
Overlap fillet weld-vaccum box Step height 6 -10 mm
90°-fillet weld-vaccum box Straight design for box shaped containers
270°-fillet weld-vaccum box 2 x approx. 100 mm wide, roof-similar construction with rounded edges for testing the outer 90° edge
3×90°-edge weld-vaccum box For testing the inner 3×90° edge seams
Vaccum boxes for testing butt welded circumferential seams In the miniature-version the sight glass preformed at nominal size covers two diameter ranges; i.e. it is expansible to the next higher diameter range.
Vaccum boxes for testing circumferential fillet welds The vaccum boxes are talor-made for the resp. container diameter at an economical lenght of 500 – 750 mm.
Round vaccum boxes Square and angular vaccum boxes with rounded edges